7 Strands

If you're out in the wilderness, or if you're having a sewing emergency, your bracelet can help. Simply cut open your bracelet to reveal seven strands of string to use. The woven string may be too thick, so you can pull apart that string for EVEN SMALLER SRTING! Crazy Right?

Different Sizes

So, This isn't some "One size fits all" type deal. You can measure your wrist size (Preferably in millimeters) and our elite team of Bracelet makers (It's just me. There's no elite team.) will make it fit to your needs. It won't be really tight so it would be about a millimeter longer. 

Different Colors

So What's your favorite color? Some of you may have said a basic primary or secondary color like red, blue, green, or purple. Some other people may have say Rose Gold or Chartreuse. Anyway, we have it in your favorite color as long as you give us a specific color. Don't say, "A little bit green but mostly blue and red." And, If you can't decide on just one color, you can have two of them! Two colors of your choice! And another thing, you can choose a buckle color! It won't just have to be a boring black buckle (Nothing wrong with black, of course) but you always have the option of a different color.